Dell Latitude 9520 Review: Serious business

The Dell Latitude 9520 is such a difficult laptop for me to characterise. It is a tiny laptop but not precisely thin and light, it is tailored to give business-class performance but includes a very subpar front-facing camera for online meetings. In this Dell Latitude review, we will take a look at its benefits and downsides but more importantly, we’ll see if it’s actually worth the Rs 2.12 lakh price tag.

Dell Latitude Review Specs

  • CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1185G7 4-core/8-thread processor with 3.00Ghz base clock and 4.80Ghz boost clock
  • GPU: Intel Iris XE Graphics
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4
  • Display: 15-inch IPS LCD 1920×1080 pixels
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, 1 X Thunderbolt Type C Port, 1 X Type-C port, 1 X USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A port, and Multi-card slot

Dell Latitude 9520 Design, Build Quality, Trackpad And Speakers

In 2021 most OEMs want their laptops in a 16:10 aspect ratio, making them seem more square-ish. However, the Dell Latitude 9520 seems more rectangular.

I am not precisely sure but I assume Dell did so for two reasons. First, to make sure that the keys are spaced suitably far away and second, to accommodate the two upward-facing speaker grills, situated on either side of the keyboard.

In terms of fit and finish, Dell always delivers and this time it’s no different. The Dell Latitude 9520 features an aluminium frame and everything in this laptop from its hinge to the trackpad is strong. Since we’re on the issue of the trackpad, I’d like to underline its build quality.

Usually, on most computers, the trackpad tilts inwards towards whichever side you push the most, whether it left or right-click. The Dell Latitude 9520 looks reasonably free from such problem.

The keys are robust and they have a significant amount of travel, certainly more than the FUJITSU UH-X 2-in-1 laptop and the 2021 LG Gram 17. My only concern with the Dell Latitude 9520 keyboard’s would be the squeaky sound its keys occasionally create.

Specifically, the space bar would generate a small squeak while I am typing in a rush. It does not happen all the time but enough for me to notice.

The overall combination of the trackpad and the keyboard is nice. And my only advice to Dell would be to incorporate a high refresh rate screen in the next version since it makes using the trackpad significantly faster and easier.

The Dell Latitude 9520 is a laptop that you’d use for business applications including online meetings. Consequently, it comes with a set of strong speakers that are loud and have a really solid base. In compared to MacBook Air’s speakers, which are frequently the standard, Dell’s speakers deliver a strong base but aren’t as loud or as clear.

The enhanced base counteracts the online speech processing that makes the speaker’s voice high pitch during online sessions. Overall, the speakers on the Dell Latitude 9520 are amazing. Speaking of online meetings I am unhappy with the 0.9MP front-facing camera. It is functional at best and does not deserve the Rs 2.12 lakh price tag.

Dell Latitude 9520 Synthetic Benchmarks And Performance Review

The Dell Latitude 9520 is built on Intel’s Core vPro architecture. Apart from the official explanation, the only thing you need to know about this platform is that the vPro platform is used to “remotely manage, diagnose, and upgrade a PC without needing to be there.” Therefore, this laptop prioritises security and battery longevity.

In terms of security, the Dell Latitude 9520 comes with Windows Hello facial log-in and a fingerprint sensor situated over the power button. The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate but doesn’t instantly log you in when you push the power button.

I found the Windows Hello Face login to be speedier. For increased protection, you can also disable the microphone and the front camera by utilising separate buttons.

Moving on to the synthetic benchmarks, when running the Cinebench R23 we noticed that the 11th Gen Core i7-1185G7 has a strong single-core score of 1349 and a multi-core score of powering the 2021 LG Gram 2017 and FUJITSU UH-X 2-in-1 laptop.

In Cinebench R20, the 11th Gen Intel Core-i7 1185G7 scored 1625, which is very respectable and the laptop should have no issue in completing most productivity and office activities. In the PC Mark 10 extended benchmark, which assesses a PC overall performance, the Dell Latitude 9520 scored 4446.

Specifically, the laptop received high grades in “Essentials” which covers common operations like video conferencing, online surfing etc and good marks in productivity which includes editing spreadsheets and word documents.

To test the battery life on this item, I repeatedly performed the everyday productivity test in the PC Mark 10 while keeping battery performance at maximum and brightness at 100 percent . At the conclusion of this result, the laptop returned a battery life of 8h 44m.

It is quite stunning. You may easily obtain extra battery life simply by decreasing the screen’s brightness to 70 percent .

The Dell Latitude 9520 comes with a 256GB SSD and it has a read and write speed of 2486MB/s and 973MB/s accordingly. In real-world performance, the Dell Latitude 9520 returned amazing figures. It transferred a 35GB file from my phone to the laptop in 18 mins and took 2 min 33 seconds to make a copy of the same.

While running games like Valorant at 1080p resolution and low graphics settings, the laptop maintained approximately 85FPS and while playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p and lowest graphical option, the laptop delivered 21 FPS.

In ordinary usage, the Dell Latitude 9520 is pretty nice. Thanks to the 32GB DDR4 RAM the laptop comes with, you can open many tabs open and the machine will operate pretty well. Furthermore, opening, shutting and running numerous programmes seem quite quick.

I tested the Dell Latitude 9520 for thermal throttling and yes it suffers from this issue as well. However, the CPU temperature stays between to the typical range. Overall, the Dell Latitude 9520 runs surprisingly cool considering how quiet it is and the sort of components it’s packing.

Dell Latitude 9520 Display Review

I have excellent and not so good things to say regarding the Dell Latitude 9520’s display. During our testing, we determined that the laptop had 478.1 nits of brightness. However, it boasts a relatively high black luminance of 1.187 nits. As a result, shadows and dark colours, in general, are somewhat less attractive on Dell Latitude 9520.

Furthermore, in the ColorChecker examination, the Maximum DeltaE value came out to be 10.4 and the average DeltaE value was about 4.3. It signifies that the Dell Latitude’s display is not colour correct. However, given the use case for this laptop is to operate as a business laptop and not as a video editing machine, I don’t see any problem with this issue.

The display on this laptop spans 98.7 percent sRGB, 77.6 percent DCI-P3 and 76.3 percent Adobe RGB colour schemes. Furthermore, the Dell Latitude’s display has an average colour temperature of 7453K putting it in a colder colour palette. The same issue is seen in the RGB balance of this panel which generally favours the blue tint.

Dell Latitude’s screen offers a 60Hz refresh rate and a 1920 x 1080p display. I’d have enjoyed at least a 1400p display here or a greater refresh rate. Nonetheless, generally, the Dell Latitude’s screen is acceptable for regular usage.


The Dell Latitude 9520 is a no-nonsense business laptop designed to give strong computational speed and long battery life.

Thankfully, it accomplishes these things quite well. It is a terrific laptop for video conferencing thanks to a set of loud speakers, it is a great machine to use for presentations because to its extended battery life and it is also a nice machine for content consumption due to a pretty bright display.

The Dell Latitude 9520 is a well-designed laptop and distinguishes out from the competition in terms of build quality and features but suffers owing to a mediocre front-facing video camera.






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